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Academic Committees


During the last few weeks of the even semester, the Principal appoints or reappoints chairpersons/coordinators of the college’s various standing committees (statutory and ad hoc). Ad hoc committees can be constituted, dissolved, or reappointed as applicable. Teachers who are interested in an appointment to a specific committee shall submit their request to the Principal, following approval of such request from their HOD. The Principal and/or the college administrative team shall approve membership on all standing committees. All committees will have the Principal as the Convener, one coordinator and members. The college committees provide inputs towards achievement of the college PEOs.

List of college statutory committees/cells

  1. Anti-Ragging committee
  2. Anti- Ragging Squad
  3. College Development committee
  4. College Women Development cell
  5. Internal Complaints committee
  6. SC/ST Complaints Redressal committee
  7. Women Grievance Redressal committee
  8. Grievance Redressal committee
  9. Scholarship Committee


List of college Ad-hoc committees

  1. Academic committee
  2. Faculty, Staff and students continuous development committee
  3. Admission committee
  4. Class Coordinators & Discipline committee
  5. Cultural and extra-curricular activity committee
  6. Examination committee
  7. Industrial and Field visits committee
  8. Laboratory, Equipment  Maintenance and Audit committee
  9. Central Documentation & Internal Documentation committee
  10. Programme Assessment & Accreditation committee
  11. Library and Learning Management System committee
  12. College Publication committee
  13. College  website, advertising and promotion (and social media) committee


List of College Cells

  1. Alumni Cell
  2. Training and Placement Cell (TPC)
  3. Career Development and Higher Education Cell (CGPC)
  4. Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)
  5. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
  6. Research Review &Promotion Cell (RRPC)
  7. Regulatory Agencies Application and Approval Cell
  8. Student Support and DLLE Cell (SSC)
  9. Academic Integrity & Research Ethics Cell (AIRE)

Academic Committees 2023-24 (for more details click on download)

Academic committees 2022-23 (For more details, click on download)