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Alumni Speak
Alumni Speaks

Mr. Abhishek Sawant:

Mr. Darshan Shah

Mr. Mohd Ali Kadiwala

Mr. Prasad Sardesai

Dr Jimita Toraskar:



Sankalp Ashok Gharat
M. Pharm. Batch (2014-16)
Research Associate, 
R&D Centre, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd 
After completing 2.5 years in a Pharmaceutical Research and Development sector, I realised
the importance of doing Masters Programme at a recognised institute. There are times when
you realise your theoretical knowledge is just not enough to suffice the needs of todays
ongrowing pharma industry, your interpersonal and management skills are needed for
professional growth and thats where your academic institute plays a significant role ! Thanks
to BNCP for shaping and sharpening us into a better Pharma professionals. BNCP faculty has
taught me that if you are confident, resourceful and sincere at your work, there are
opportunities waiting for you!
BNCP has got me more closer to my dreams !
Dhaval Sancahala
M. Pharm. Batch: 2015-2017
Quality Control Specialist
Cactus Communications
As a student of BNCP it was a steep learning curve for me! The support from teaching and non-teaching staff has always encouraged me to perform bettter in my academics. BNCP added another dimension to my overall development by motivating me to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. A special shoutout to BNCP and Dr. Lokesh Bhatt for whatever I have achieved during and after my M. pharm!



Himadri Dave

B. Pharm. Batch: 2009-2013

SVKM’s Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College  of Pharmacy has offered us the best of facilities, incredible opportunities and a very good faculty to propel us to shine and excel in our own  individual fortes. I held the position of the Associate General Secretary  in my third year and finally promoting to the post  of General Secretary of  Dr. BNCP in my final year. I did my mandatory industrial training program at Hermatic Capsules, Mumbai, India. It gave me an insight on the management and working of the industry. I  did my internship  in Malaysia  as  I was selected for a Student Exchange Program by International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)  It was because of the campus placement that I got my first job offer as a Relationship Executive  at Lifecell International Pvt. Ltd. which is a stem cell banking company where I currently work  at. At the end, I would like to thank BNCP for  providing the family of scholars and lifelong friends who will  always come back home to BNCP.


Radhika Shah

B. Pharm Batch: 2009-2013

I still vividly remember my first day in BNCP at the threshold of a new phase of life and the first step into the world of pharmacy. Since that very day BNCP has been home.  The unflinching support and guidance of my teachers has helped mould my personality and make me an all rounded person. Of course the emphasis was on making us the best pharmacists possible but along with this also arming us with the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the real world. Thanks to the excellent teachers, infrastructure and a placement committee, we are truly fortunate and well armed to enter the pharma world . In all my future endeavours be it pursuing a masters or in the industry I will truly be indebted to BNCP for nurturing me these four years and all the memories, I have of this esteemed institution will be etched in my mind always.


Amrita Sankaranarayanan

B. Pharm. Batch: 2009-2013

It gives me great pleasure to be an alumni of this institution BNCP. The four years of graduation life has taught me so much, much beyond the confines of the curriculum. Our extremely well trained and dedicated faculty not only thrive to make us technically sound but also concentrate in developing our all round personality, I was extremely honoured to receive the post of the Cultural Secretary of the college which taught me so much and made me a better individual. Team work, leadership skills, managing responsibilities, communication expertise came to us quite naturally by participating in various Paper and Poster Presentations which BNCP strongly encourages. I am venturing out for Masters with all the positives that BNCP has given me and I extend my gratitude to the entire faculty of BNCP. Best Wshes!