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  • Feedback System at the Institute
  • Sample Filled Forms
  • Analysis Report of Feedback
  • Action Taken Report

The feedback system of the institute is well defined and structured. The feedback is collected from various stakeholders including students, teachers, employers, alumni and parents. Student feedback on academic performance is taken on institute SVKM’s Student Portal every year at the end of each semester. The students give feedback on course curriculum and teaching effectiveness for every course coordinator on a scale of 1 to 7 points on the student portal. The feedback received is critically reviewed and strategies are devised to improve teaching methodology and address the student concerns. Feedback on curriculum and infrastructure is collected from the alumni, teachers, employers and parents once a year. The attributes in the feedback uses a 5-point satisfaction scale where 1-Poor, 2-Average, 3-Good, 4-Very Good and 5-Excellect. The percent responses and average score of each attribute are calculated from total number of respondents. Suggestions from the stakeholders are reported, discussed and action plan are suggested. The feedback analysis helps the institute to design activities and short term skill development courses that are beyond university syllabus contributing to overall development and employability of the students. Several activities are initiated or existing activities are upgraded to address the requirements of stakeholders based  the recommendations and feedback analysis.