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The notifications/ circulars of the State/ Central Goverment for various scholarship scheme is given below.

Aadhar Mapping with NPCI Portal

DTE Circular for Pragati Scholarship and Saksham Scholarship

DTE- Rules for application re applying any scholarship Schemes in A.Y. 2020-21

DTE-EBC, Punjabrao Deshmukh Hostel scholarship and Minority Scholarship

AICTE-Pragati & Saksham Scholarship date 14.10.2020

Govt. Ressolution for VJNT, OBC and SBC Category to increase income limit for Non-cremylayer dated 16.12.2017

Govt. Ressolution for VJNT, OBC and SBC- Inc. limit Incr. to 8 lakh dated 01-01-2018

GR-Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigrih Nirvah Bhatta Scheme income Limit upto Rs. 8 Lakh

GR-Univ.of Mumbai-Circular for EBC category